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Gil Abrantes Sax
​Portugal . 1986 .


I am an artist who breathes music, otherwise i would not have chosen the profession of saxophonist. I come from Águeda - Portugal, where i was born 37 years ago.


Although still young, once i play saxophone since the age of 10, i developed a catalog of performances all across the globe, performing with diverse projects and geographies - such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Czech Republic and USA (Jazz at the Lincoln Center).


My career as a musician begins with playing classical saxophone - later i also devote myself to the genres of jazz, funk, world music and pop rock. Curious and passionate about my actions, i tried continuously to break new ground and be involved in many highly different projects, such as: big band, brass band, traditional Portuguese music and solo performances in the genres of chill out, jazz, funk and pop rock. 

I have participated in dance music projects with Daddy Jack Band, DJs China, Deelight, Mario Marques, Bruno Zarra, Sylva Drums, Rhythmn.. Apart from this, i also cooperated with the music shows "Fanfarra Kaustika", "d'Orfanfa", "Mala Fanfarra", "Banda Móvel" and "O Grande Embrulho".



I have played on the albums "Belize Pedras Amarelas" of DJs China / Hugo Villanova, "Contracorrente", "Orfeão de Águeda", "Centenário", "F.K. Punk Filarmónico "," Os Azeitonas - Coliseu do Porto ", "South Beach Maputo - 1st Anniversary", "SupaGlow - Meant To Be" and "Alex Ander - One Life to Live".



Currently, i practice my art independently, organizing and performing with different electronic dance projects in the main parties of Algarve - Portugal, as well as in Solo Sets in Private and Corporate Events.

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