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Throughout my musical journey i put together various interests, exploring differents artistic ways, that culminated into interdisciplinary projects that struck me.

In fact, some of them are still part of my shows, such as:


MG SOUL ' is an original project that brings the vibrant spirit of  Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic & Funk Music, mixing it with creative Scratch and a powerful Sax. It´s based on a positive vibe to make a great party with festive touch of Dj Rhythm & Gil Abrantes.

O Grande Embrulho

O Grande Embrulho ' is a contemporanian circus show where performative modes of expression - clown, dance, music and object manipulation – come together around a cone-shaped paper bag. which is deconstructed to reveal unexpected forms, structures and sounds from this organic living object.

Banda Móvel

This great mobile show brings together circus, physical theatre and music on a stage on wheels, where music is the main communication code. With a lot of humor and picturesque characters, we bring to the scene a true clowns orchestra.

Mala Fanfarra

This street show it is a story based on wind bands that awaken in us the musical imaginary of childhood. We put together a good host, an amazing suitcase and lots of fun, and we got it: Mala Fanfarra.


"Contracorrente", in the main sense, it is a journey around the world sung in many languages ​​and a manifest that show us that resisting is a way of existing.

Orfeão de Águeda

Orfeão de Águeda is a mixed choir group, founded in 1917, which in recent years has been following new paths and artistic partnerships, exploring choral music with a sense of modernity.

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